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The Alabama Working Waterfront Coalition is the result of early efforts by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium to provide a forum for water-dependent businesses, industries and organizations to share ideas, concerns and successes. In 2014 the non-profit coalition was formally established to
  • strengthen the relationship among various industry and community sectors.
  • educate the general public about the importance of the state’s working waterfronts.

The coalition’s goals are to

    • increase awareness of waterfront access issues by educating municipal officials and the public via presentations at local meetings and events, including festivals.
    • educate state legislators on the importance of the Gulf Coast to the economy of Alabama, help elevate working waterfront issues to a statewide concern, and present the issues to elected officials.
    • work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on issues of channel maintenance, dredged materials usage and reporting metrics.
    • establish a safe harbor to provide commercial fishermen safe locations in the event of a tropical system.